Our Candidate Pool

Currently there are 18863 candidates registered and categorized.

Candidate Categories: The majority of registered candidates are sales reps / account managers (currently 7591 candidates) and as IT / management consultants (currently 4981). To a large extends they work for companies out of the industries IT and management consulting.

Competence Categories: In respect of competence the vast majority candidates have extensive expertise in areas like Supply Chain Management (currently 2097), Customer Management (currently 696), Finance, Risk & Compliance (currently 178), After Sales Services (currently 173), Maintenance- / Service-Management (currently 51), Quality Management (currently 275) as well as Product Data/Lifecycle Management (currently 532).

Our IT consultants have primarily experience in areas like Software Engineering (currently 1020), IT Infrastructure / IT Security / Business Continuity Management (currently 474) and Business Intelligence / Big Data Analytics (currently 511) .

In addition there is a relevant number of IT / management consultants having experience in industry specific consulting (i. e. money transfer, securities trading etc.) as well as in the implementation of industry solutions like SAP IS Banking. In total there are 523 candidates registered who have experience in design and implementation of industry solutions.