Online Career Services for Executive Search Consultants

Business Partner Management

Manage the data of your client, prospects, suppliers and the authorities. We have implemented filters allowing you to separate the business partners according to these categories.

The addresses of branches and subsidiaries can you manage separately and refer to it when you enter the data of your contacts. Contact management is much more simpler because you do not need to enter the address data of your contacts. If a branch or subsidiary moves to another location you have to change only one address.

Project- & Workflow-Supported Job Application Management

After you have recorded the data of your executive search projects including all text modules, that are needed for the communication with clients and candidates, you can assign your potential candidates to the position. You can assign a priority to each application allowing you to focus on the most important candidates in the first steps of the project.

By the way, your open positions arte published in the public area of Xperteese. After a candidate has applied online, you will get an eMail to contact the candidate immediately.


After the data of a candidate is completely recorded you may assign the candidate to an open position starting the workflow in order to process the application in a quality assured way. In nearly all steps of the workflow personalized eMails are sent to clients and / or candidates that are based on the text modules recorded earlier during the data entry of the project. At any time the status of the job application is visible including the including the corresponding eMails and documents that have been sent. Accordingly, 10 or more projects with more than 100 nominations / applications each can be processed at the same time.

Candidate Management and Categorization

Xperteese offers you a wide range of features to manage the data of your candidates and to process your projects in a quality assured way. Manage your candidate data in German and English language - simply by changing the language of the user interface.

Assign professional competences to your candidates using the predefined scheme, specially developed for candidates from the IT and management consulting sector. In addition, you can assign a candidate category and multiple industry and management competences to your candidates. Using this categorization, you will identify all potential candidates for an open position within seconds.

As soon as you want to present a candidate to your client, you may enter detailed expertises to each key competence as well as the language skills of the candidate. Immediately before you hand over the assessment report to the client there is the possibility to rate the candidate's expertises against the requirements of the position as well as to store your personal candidate assessment.

Assessment Report & Profile

As soon as the data of a candidate is completely recorded, you may create meaningful candidate profiles and assessment reports and download them in PDF file format to present your candidates to your clients.

The assessment report contains all personal data of the candidate, a complete competency profile, the terms of note as well as your candidate assessment combined with a rating of the candidate is respect of the requirements. Based on the report, your client is able to form an opinion about the candidate within minutes.

Document Management

As an executive search consultant, you have to comply to legal obligations. This may include the obligation to archive all documents exchanged with clients and candidates for a prescribed period. Maybe you are also obligated to be able to demonstrate the execution path for of each of the transactions processed so far. In combination with the workflow the document management function of Xperteese enables you to comply to all legal obligations.

The document management is related to your business partners as well as to your candidates. Hence, a business partner file or a candidate file be displayed at any time.

Document Categorization

During the archive process, you are requested to categorize the document to be uploaded according to the relevance and to the content of the document. In addition, you are requested to enter some keywords that may be helpful to identify the document. The categorization allows you to separate the important from the less important documents and to find a requested document within seconds.

Business Management

With the commercial features of Xperteese are are able to manage your business in a professional way. You can record and manage your revenues and costs in order to create revenue and cost reports at any time. The Business Analysis Report can be created and downloaded at any time shows you all your revenues and costs for each fiscal year separated by predefined revenue / cost categories. In addition, the Cash Flow is displayed.

In respect of the cost category Customer Entertainment you may record additional detail data in order to create an Entertainment Receipt and download it in PDF file format. For your revenues, you can also record additional data to create a complete Invoice that may also be downloaded in PDF file format.

Business Plan

Using the planning features, you are able to create a business plan for the next fiscval year that may be requested by your bank. You can use the predefined revenue / cost categories to plan your busines in any requested detail. Of course you can also download the business plan in PDF file format and archive it in your document archive.